Accuracy and error-free measurement is the basis for any solid planning and inventory. With the laser scanner the entire environment is captured, reproduced and reproduced three-dimensionally in a digital model. Individual scans from different locations are combined into a spatial overall model so that even complex structures and buildings can be documented comprehensively and precisely. The data are distributed to the project participants via state-of-the-art data interfaces and the data from the 3D scans form the basis for numerous innovative visualization options. Areas of application: protection of historical monuments, existing documentation, building restoration, plant planning, realistic depictions; or visualizations We offer you : 2D floor plan and view as DWG inventory planning (In the corresponding building sign standarts, dimensioning etc.) - for further processing in The planning offices from the locally generated 3D scans We offer you : 3D visualization in photo quality from the 3D scans in original surroundings - connection of stock and new planning in the picture.