Terms of j.f.design-manufaktur 1.Scope 1.1. The terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between the j.f.design-manufaktur and its mission donors. 1.2. With the receipt of the order confirmation, the client accepts the terms and conditions . 2. Contract and contractconditiones 2.1. The subject of the contract and the contract scope of the work to be performed arising from the order confirmation j.f.design-manufaktur in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions . 2.2 . The mentioned in the quotation and in the order confirmation shall apply on condition that that the underlying order data remain unchanged. Additional services that are not included in the order confirmation or the offer are to be paid for separately . 2.3. The mentioned in the quotation and in the order confirmation , unless otherwise agreed , include: - The consultation - Modeling - Texturing - The rendering process - The post- - Two correction dates Serious corrections by the client after the rendering process , is estimated with a renewed overtime pay and possibly with a further incurred Render package by the j.f.design-manufaktur . 2.3. The client has to provide information and documents , which are necessary for the visualization ( eg, photographs , drawings, plans ) in good time. The j.f.design-manufaktur presupposes existing digital files. If documents are available only in paper or digital form is not , the client may incur additional costs for transmitting , scanning, or incorporate the plans and information. 2.4. The contract between the j.f.design-manufaktur and the client shall be established through order confirmation , which will be delivered by email , fax or mail by the j.f.design-manufaktur . 3. Confidentiality The j.f.design-manufaktur undertakes to strictly confidential all knowledge obtained under a mandate by the client. 4. Dates , deadlines and Obstacles 4.1. Work results to the client , depending on the arrangement provided in the customer in a secure portal available for download ,or sent by e -mail. 4.2 . Late-filed by the principal documents , late (partial) acceptance, serious requests for change and desired additional services of the originally agreed scope of the contract to a postponement of the delivery have the effect , without this leading to a delay of the jfdesign manufactory . The jfdesign manufactory is not liable for failure to comply with the agreed delivery date due to circumstances for which the customer is responsible . 4.3. As far as the jfdesign manufactory their contractual obligations owing to force majeure (war, natural disasters , strikes , failures of telecommunication and / or the power supply , etc. ) can not deliver on time or not , a claim for damages is not part of the client against the jfdesign manufactory possible. 5. Premature termination of the contract by the contracting authority When canceling a contract by the contracting jfdesign the manufactory charged to the customer a cancellation fee of 15 percentage points of the contract total. 6. Copyright Policy 6.1. All copyright and intellectual property rights of the works created ( according to § 2 of the Copyright Act ) shall be vested in j.f.design-manufaktur . The visualization remains up to the complete payment property of j.f.design-manufaktur . Until then the client has no right to use . Foregoing, there is an unlimited right of use for the customer. 6.2 . The client will be granted the necessary rights of use for the particular purpose . A transfer of rights of use to third parties without the written approval of the j.f.design-manufaktur . 6.3. Intermediate results , 3D design drawings, etc. acquire any rights of use by the client. You may not be exported , used or passed on to third parties without the consent of the j.f.design-manufaktur . 6.4. If work is published by the j.f.design-manufaktur in newspapers, journals, magazines , brochures or other printed matter , the j.f.design-manufaktur is to name as the image author. 6.5. The j.f.design-manufaktur reserves the right to seek all work for promotional purposes in their own right . 7. Payment 7.1. The invoice amount listed on the invoice is due within 10 calendar days from the invoice date without deduction . 7.2 . The invoice amount listed on the invoice does not include sales tax in their respective statutory amount . 7.3. If the client is in default of payment , the jfdesign manufactory default interest of 8 percentage points above the base rate may require plus collection expenses . 7.4. Collection expenses and costs - even non-judicial - lawyer's intervention shall be borne by the client. 8. Warranties 8.1. The will execute the order thoroughly . The customer can make complaints within 8 calendar days after delivery of the performance in writing. Within this period, corrections are processed free of charge. After this period, the contract is considered to be free of defects accepted. 8.2. For defects that are due to incorrect or inaccurate instructions of the principal, is not liable . 8.3. When prompted by force majeure delay in delivery is a claim for damages by the customer against the j.f.design-manufaktur not possible. 9. Jurisdiction 9.1. Place of performance and jurisdiction is Berlin. 9.2. The product liability law (PHG ) is not applicable in any case be liable for other than personal injury is excluded , if the contractual partner is an entrepreneur. Moreover, German law is applicable , which is also going on the international sales law . 9.3. These terms and conditions apply for order produced according to media mutatis mutandis , regardless of the method employed and the technique used . Berlin, 25/11/2013